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1. Will window film ruin my view?

No. Window film will actually reduce so much glare that it will add clarity. The pleasure of a crystal clear view will be yours to enjoy day and night by using our window tinting services.

2. How will I benefit from window film?

Cut down on energy costs- Our sun control window films can stop up to 69% of the heat coming in causing your system to run less.

Protect against fading- By eliminating 99% of UV rays, our films help protect your hardwood flooring, furniture, painting, and rugs.

Help control “hot spots”- Many homes and offices have a few problem areas. Solving these heat problems can improve comfort and temperature in the entire home.

Add privacy- Let the natural light in while keeping your view. Unlike curtains or blinds, our privacy films allow you to see out clearly, but the window appears dark from the outside.

3. Does the window film go on the inside or outside of the window?

We install window film on the interior of the building in most cases. However, we do offer an exterior window film for special circumstances (i.e. a wall was built over a window and needs to be covered).

4. How do I clean my windows once film is installed?

We use only quality window films by 3M and Huper Optik that are made with a scratch-resistant coating to make cleaning as easy as before. Simply spray and wipe clean with your favorite glass cleaner or mild soap and water, and wipe clean with a soft cloth. No other maintenance is required.

5. Will my energy costs decrease?

In most cases, yes. The amount of money saved depends on the type of film chosen and certain property-specific variables (location, climate, existing energy costs, HVAC system, type of window, etc.)

6. Will my furniture fade be reduced?

Absolutely! Furniture/fabric fade is caused by multiple factors. 10% of fading is caused by miscellaneous factors (i.e. fabric color, material, etc.), 25% is caused by heat, 25% is caused by visible light, and the remaining 40% is caused by UV rays. Both 3M and Huper Optik window films can mitigate 90% of the factors that cause furniture/fabric fade.

7. Can you apply window film to tinted/Low-E/dual pane glass?

Of course! You will notice enhanced energy performance from your tinted/Low-E/dual pane windows after installation.

8. Will window film void my window’s warranty?

Unfortunately, in many cases, yes. However, both 3M and Huper Optik window films come with a glass breakage and seal failure warranty. For more information about warranties, feel free to Contact Us*.

9. Can window film cause my windows to break?

Again, the answer is yes. About 1 in every 300 windows that have window film installed will crack due to thermal shock. This is often caused by a pre-existing flaw in the glass. When the film absorbs heat, the glass absorbs heat as well, causing it to stress the already damaged glass edge. The crack will look like a crack in your windshield. If this should happen to you, contact Fine Line Glass Tinting, and we’ll see to it that your window is replaced* and re-tinted right away. (*In accordance with mfg warranty)

10. How is your window film warranted?

Most products are backed by a manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on residential applications and up to 15 years on commercial applications.

11. How will window film affect my house plants?

Since most house plants are “tropical plants,” they thrive best in their natural environment, the cover of the rain forest. These plants are often better conditioned to grow in defused light as opposed to direct sunlight, which may burn their leaves. Your plants may thrive even better with a window film!

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