Commercial and Residential Buildings Only


We are an authorized dealer and applicator of 3M, Hüper Optik and Xpel window films for

  • Increased Safety & Security
  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • Glare Prevention
  • Decorative Accent
  • Increased Privacy
  • Fade Reduction

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Our Testimonials

Marty's crew was very professional. I appreciated that they cared about protecting my belongings and cleaned up after themselves. The tint did more than expected. It looked great and helped keep the heat out. My favorite was when he figured out a way to tint my domed sky lights. Great job Fine Line!!!

-- Patty Ross Coppols, The Woodlands, TX.

One morning last week as I was going to close my window, I tripped. I stopped my fall with my hand against the window and the glass broke. If the window had not been covered with the Scotchtint film, my hand would have gone through the glass. Because of the film, I wasn't even scratched. Also, the film held the glass intact until it could be repaired the next day. This was an added benefit from the tinting that I had not anticipated and another important reason to be glad that we had it done. Thanks so much for doing such a good job.

-- Jan Lindsay, The Woodlands, TX

My husband and I want you to know how much we have enjoyed our windows that you tinted for us. People that visit us are very impressed at the way they look. The tint has done what we wanted it to do. It cuts down the sun rays but does not cut out our view. It also does not allow the rays to fade our furniture, fabrics or floors. Your work has been good and we are pleased.

-- Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Crawford, The Woodlands, TX.

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