Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Our experience with Marty and his seasoned installers over the past 15 years has been one of integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism. They are efficient and leave no trace behind other than outstanding windows. The tinting has saved us thousands of dollars in energy savings. We highly recommend Fine Line Glass Tinting.

Mike and Bernadette

The Woodlands, TX

Summertime is here and the Houston heat can be unbearable. Call Marty Johnston at Fine Line Glass Tinting. I made the call and saw and felt the difference. My carpet is not fading anymore and the window tint blocks the heat sooooo, this makes my Reliant bill a lot lower.


Houston, TX

These guys were great. I have a restaurant that gets the worst sun and the results are amazing after going with the material recommended by fine line. Also i got many estimates from several companies and fine line had great price, great service and quality material. Very professional. thank you

Leonardo C

Houston, TX

Marty was professional in the upfront estimate.
His team showed up on time for the installation. Had a crew of 4 to do the install. They were fast but very thorough. Finished ahead of schedule.
Great experience and the ceramic tent looks great!
Nice Job!!

Brant S.

Houston, TX

We just had Fine Line Glass Tinting install a beautiful square pattern tint on my shower glass and love it. They did a fantastic job of lining up the pattern perfectly, they were prompt, and they were reasonably priced. If you are thinking about frosting glass as a visibility shield, decorative look, or tinting for sun control, I can recommend calling Marty at 281-808-9024.

Glenna S.

Montgomery, TX

“Several weeks ago, my dogs alerted me to two men standing on my back patio holding a crowbar.  Clearly, they believed no one was home and intended to break in.  When they saw me, they quickly left, but even so, this incident scared me.  I knew then that I needed to increase my home’s security.

A few weeks before, my brother had had 3M security film installed on his home in Reno.  He gave me the website, and as I watched the video, I knew this would be a good product for me.  I had looked into an alarm system but decided against it as I didn’t want another monthly bill.  The security film seemed like a really solid way to increase the security of my doors.

Marty, the owner of Fine Line Glass Tinting, had done some work for me in the past, so I gave him a call. I explained what had happened with the intruders and asked if the 3M security film might be a good product for my home.  After looking at the doors on the rear of my home, Marty agreed that those were the most vulnerable points of entry into my home and that the security film would be beneficial.

A few days later, the film was installed.  The installation team was excellent and the doors look great.  The film has a minimal impact on my view from inside or out, but the film is very heavy duty, and I feel safer just knowing it is there.

Now, when I lock the deadbolts on those doors, I know I have not one but TWO layers of protection between me and whomever may be outside.   I have recommended the security film and Fine Line Glass Tinting to many of my neighbors – it is a great way to boost your home’s safety and security!”


The Woodlands, TX

“Thank you for handling [removal and replacement of damaged film] so quickly for us. You are such a blessing.”

Maureen R.

“Marty Johnston of FINE LINE Glass Tinting recently applied 3M window film to 16 of our more challenging windows. He did his work with expertise, care and consideration for our windows and for the house as a whole. He did his work according to his perfectionist standards, entirely without need for supervision. When he was through each day, he cleaned the area in which he worked, leaving it in some cases cleaner than the way he found it. He came well recommended to us and we will continue to recommend him to others unequivocally.”

Dick & Gloria Johnson

The Woodlands, TX

“One morning last week as I was going to close my window, I tripped. I stopped my fall with my hand against the window and the glass broke. If the window had not been covered with the Scotchtint film, my hand would have gone through the glass. Because of the film, I wasn’t even scratched. Also, the film held the glass intact until it could be repaired the next day. This was an added benefit from the tinting that I had not anticipated and another important reason to be glad that we had it done. Thanks so much for doing such a good job.”

Jan Lindsay

The Woodlands, TX

“My husband and I want you to know how much we have enjoyed our windows that you tinted for us. People that visit us are very impressed at the way they look. The tint has done what we wanted it to do. It cuts down the sun rays but does not cut out our view. It also does not allow the rays to fade our furniture, fabrics or floors. Your work has been good and we are pleased.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Crawford

The Woodlands, TX

“Melissa & I want to thank you and your crew, Brown and his helper, for a great job replacing the window tinting on our home. We really appreciate the way you handled the warranty with 3M and did the job so quickly.

Brown and his crew were professional, courteous and friendly. They did a great job cleaning the windows thoroughly and cutting and placing the new tinting precisely. They even came back for a couple of hours on Sunday to get the last little bit of the job finished.

I will be sure to recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers that are looking to get window tinting done.”

Mike & Melissa Gallagher

Spring, TX

“We’d like to thank you for your excellent service once again! We’ve moved three times in the last five years and in each house we’ve had windows that had great views – but they were letting in so much light our energy bills were up, the house was hot, and furniture and paint were fading.

Each time you were able to make wise recommendations and send us a crew of experienced installers that made the process quick and pleasant with very rewarding results. We’re delighted, once again, with not only the product, but the service from FINE LINE.”

Bev and Barry Schultz

The Woodlands, TX

“Your two man crew installed film on the recently replaced warranty window and they did an excellent job! I would also like to add these two were the most professional and courteous workers my wife and I have had the pleasure of having in our home. I know you are proud of them as they represent your company in a very professional manner. Should we have other film problems they would be welcome to do the repairs. It would make for a more pleasant experience if all home service personnel were of this caliber!! Again, they represented your business very well!

It is a pleasure doing business with a firm such as yours where the employees are experienced professionals and such well mannered individuals. We greatly appreciate your prompt handling our claim.”

Jerry Harris

The Woodlands, TX

Marty’s crew was very professional. I appreciated that they cared about protecting my belongings and cleaned up after themselves. The tint did more than expected. It looked great and helped keep the heat out. My favorite was when he figured out a way to tint my domed sky lights. Great job Fine Line!!!”

Patty Ross Coppols

The Woodlands, TX