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Security Window Film

Safety and security window film provides subtle or even completely invisible protection for your home or office. By installing a safety window film, weak points of entry through window panes and glass doors become a source of strength. It’s a reassuring way to prevent crime, especially when paired with a glass break sensor or a monitored security system. Not only does safety window tinting help diminish smash-and-grab occurrences, it also helps hold panes in place to minimize flying glass due to violent weather or accidents.

When it comes to protecting your investment and your family, there’s no better solution than security window film. Fine Line Glass Tinting has been helping Houston residents protect their homes and businesses for over 30 years and we can do the same for you.

Our safety and security window film is available in clear or with tinted sun control options. For more information, view the video below to see how it can provide a level of safety for your residential or commercial building.


Our home was almost a victim of robbers…. we are close to park in BL.
I’m checking surveillance now, BUT I wanted to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Fine Line Tinting (Marty Johnston)
We installed the shatterproof glass film on our doors and windows… and robbers were unable to just break glass on back entry and get in!
THIS WORKED!!! Robbers want a quick entry… this ruined their plans!!


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