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Fine Line Glass Tinting Helps Woodlands Family Enjoy The Views With 3M™ Scotchtint™ Window Film


In the Woodlands, a golf-centered community of 30,000 near Houston, Texas, most houses are designed with many large windows so residents can enjoy the spectacular views of the golf course. But along with fabulous views come the need for privacy, security, and protection from sun damage to furnishings.


Homeowners in the Woodlands, who usually discover these needs after moving into their new home, frequently call Fine Line Glass Tinting of Woodlands, Texas, in search of help. As an authorized 3M™ Scotchtint™ window film dealer, Fine Line has installed window film on many homes in the community.

On the home pictured here, Fine Line owners Annie and Marty Johnston recommended covering more than 600 square feet of glass with a combination of RE35NEARL and RE20NEARL Scotchtint window films. To block the heat and UV rays to the windows on the back of the house, they applied RE35NEARL. They used RE20NEARL to add protection from UV rays and increase privacy to the windows on the front of the house.

“In addition to needing privacy and protection for their furnishings, the homeowners were concerned about out- of-control golf balls hitting and shattering the windows” Annie Johnston says. “Both of the 3M Scotchtint films we applied will give them added security because they bond tightly to glass and help hold shattered glass in place. This can reduce the dangers to the people inside the home if a window were to break.”

Johnston says the four-day installation was interesting because many of the windows were floor to ceiling, while others were small wood mini panes. “The various window sizes made it challenging,” she says. “But we brought in lots of different-sized ladders, and we put blankets under the ladders to protect the flooring.”


The homeowners say they are pleased with the prospects of year-round protection for their furnishings, lower energy costs, and the added privacy and security. In addition, because 3M Scotchtint window films block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, the homeowners can leave their drapes and blinds open to enjoy the views.

The 3M Difference

The homeowners were confident that Fine Line Glass Tinting would get the job done right. In addition to Fine Line’s excellent reference list, they knew that 3M would stand behind its products.

Project Summary

3M Dealer: Annie and Marty Johnston, Fine Line Glass Tinting
Installation Date: 1998
Area Covered: 600 square feet
Installation Time: 4 days
Type of Film: RE35NEARL and RE20NEARL Scotchtint window film
Project Notes: Fine Line chose to use a combination of window films to solve the homeowners’ concerns about safety, security, and protection from fading.

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