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As the summer heat ramps up in the Houston area, more and more people are seeking refuge in the cool indoors. But with area homes’ penchant for big windows — and lots of them — the sun’s heat tends to follow residents inside.

If you’re looking to lower your temperatures and energy bills this summer, you might consider having a high-quality sun control window film professionally installed. Here’s how the right sun-blocking window film can help you beat the heat and enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of your home.

Infrared’s Light Impact on Your Home’s Temperature
While nothing beats the summer rays warming you up at the beach, you don’t necessarily want to have that same experience inside your home. So what is it, exactly, about the sunlight that causes a rise in temperature inside? It turns out, there are three primary causes of heat from the sun:
Infrared light — 53%
Visible Light — 44%
UV Light — 3%

So if you’re looking to keep the inside of your home cool, installing window film can be a smart approach. After all, an estimated 75% of existing windows aren’t energy-efficient, and windows alone may be responsible for 25% of a home’s heating bill. Installing the right window film can, in turn, reduce your home’s cooling load and lower energy consumption.

Not All Window Films Can Beat the Heat
To ensure you achieve the desired cooling results, you’ll want to be sure you’re picking a window film that’s blocking the right rays.
Windows treated with energy-efficient (sometimes called “heat blocking” or “heat reducing”) window tint can lower your electric bill substantially. The tint helps keep heat out in the summer (and prevents heat loss in the winter) by acting as an insulator and rejecting up to 98% of infrared light rays — the biggest cause of heat. That means the cool air in your home stays cool, even on the hottest of Houston days.

Reaping the Potential Energy Savings
Blocking these rays can have a big impact on your energy bills. But how big?
In a 2017 study, researchers simulated the impact of window films on the energy consumption of a U.K. hotel. The results were impressive. They concluded that “window films produce a reduction in cooling energy consumption of up to 35% during the peak of the cooling season and a 35% reduction in the annual overall cooling energy consumption across the year” — all thanks to the reduction in solar heat gain through the window.

Start Your Energy Savings Today

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