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Winter is coming to Houston, and as temperatures drop and the nights get longer and colder, you might start looking for warmth and comfort by cranking up the heat. While that helps create a warm and cozy atmosphere, too much of it can result in jaw-dropping energy bills.

It doesn’t have to be like that. There are plenty of practical ways homeowners can conserve energy and reduce winter utility costs, like:

  • Seal airlocks in doorframes
  • Insulate and turn down the water heater
  • Make smart use of vents and ceiling fans
  • Use LED lights
  • Close doors and vents in unused rooms
  • Use space heaters to heat small spaces
  • Close fireplace when not in use

But these aren’t the only ways to lower your energy bills this winter season. Installing window film is another way to help your home be more energy-efficient this winter — and all year long. Here’s what you should know.

Too Many Windows!
While there are a lot of proven energy savers, unfortunately, our big Houston windows often compromise those efforts. That’s because windows are the main culprit when it comes to home energy loss. It’s estimated that 25% to 30% of residential energy loss is due to heat escaping from windows, which breaks down to a third of the average utility bill.
This could be why Houston home and business owners are increasingly turning to installing window film to help wrangle out-of-control utility bills. They’re also discovering some of the other energy-saving benefits of installing window film, like these.

Improve Insulating Power
Window film dramatically improves the insulation value of glass, which is a notoriously poor insulator. In most cases, window film can give a single-pane window the same insulating power as double-paned glass. In fact, window film can improve a window’s insulating properties by 92%. As heat tries to escape through windows, window film will reflect it back into the room.

Give the HVAC System a Rest
Because window film traps heat indoors, rooms become warmer and cozier with less need for additional heat. This, in turn, gives your HVAC system a much-needed break. An underworked HVAC system won’t need much maintenance in the long run, saving even more money down the line.

Reduce Dependency on Thick Drapes
Insulated drapes are great at keeping heat from escaping, but they also prevent you from seeing outside. Even worse, they can make a living space seem dark and gloomy. By installing window film, your curtains can return to their rightful place as beautiful decorative elements that really pull a room together.

Get Home Heating Under Control
Because window film helps regulate home climate, thermostats can be set at lower levels and programmed to go off at specific times. And now, smart thermostats take all the guesswork out of climate control, helping you better regulate how much heat is used and when.

Year-Round Protection (and Savings)
Since 1987, Fine Line Glass Tinting has helped North Houston home and business owners get their energy bills under control, no matter the season.

With 30 years of success and expertise under our belts, if anyone can give advice and guidance on exactly what type of window tinting will work for you and your budget, it’s us. Leave it to our expert installers to get the job done in the precise, skillful, and professional manner we’re known for.

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