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If this topic caught your eye, you’ve most likely invested in residential or commercial window film for your home or business. You’re also probably enjoying the range of benefits window film offers, like UV protection, privacy, safety and security, and lower energy bills. Just like you would with any other big home investment, you’ll want to get the longest life possible from your window film. Here are some tips and tricks on how to care for your window film.

Cleaning Your Window Film
Because window film is not as porous as glass, it doesn’t accumulate dirt as quickly. That means you won’t need to clean your window film as often as you would standard glass panes. But when it does come time to clean your film, simple household cleaning supplies will suffice; there’s no need to spend money on expensive commercial window cleaning solutions.
Cleaning your window film couldn’t be any easier. Simply fill a spray bottle with a solution of mild dishwashing detergent and warm water, and spray the solution onto the window film or directly onto a soft rag or sponge. Whatever method you use, be sure to cover every inch of the window film with the solution, rinsing your rag or sponge after a few wipes to remove dirty water and soap residue. (And if you’ve got tall Houston windows, an extendable squeegee will come in handy.) Then simply dry the window film off with a clean dry cloth, and you’re done.

7 Helpful Tips and Tricks
While the process of cleaning and caring for your window film is relatively simple, here are some things you’ll need to be aware of:

  • Window film experts recommend waiting 15-30 days before cleaning your newly installed window film to give the film time to cure.
  • Avoid using cleaning solutions with ammonia, which can discolor and damage your window film.
  • Although most window films are durable and scratch-resistant, avoid using abrasive cleaners, baking soda, scouring pads, and hard brushes to clean your film.
  • Use soft cloths or sponges to clean your film instead of paper towels, which can leave tiny bits of fiber on the window film that compromise your ability to get a streak-free shine.
  • Be careful when cleaning around the edges of window tinting, as inadvertently catching an edge can cause the window film to peel away from the glass.
  • Pure rubbing alcohol on a soft cotton cloth works great in removing heavy smudges and thick fingerprints.
  • Always check with manufacturer or installer guidelines on the proper care, cleaning, and maintenance of your window film.

North Houston’s Window Film Experts
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