Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Customers often ask if installing window film will really help them save money on their energy bills — and it does. While every home and every window are different, research has proven that window film can result in significant savings over time.

To prove it, check out this study from 3M, which analyzed how installing ceramic window film could cut energy costs and improve interior comfort in a 20-story office building with 50,000 square feet of window glass.

Finding a Solution

The Clinton Street high rise in Baltimore, Md., was looking for ways to cut energy costs while keeping occupants comfortable. They wanted to accomplish these goals in a quick and cost-effective manner, but they were also mindful of their limited budget and their desire to keep the look of the building’s reflective modernism.

After much research, the owners went with 3M Sun Control Window Film Ceramic 30 — a high-quality product offering low reflectivity, high clarity and outstanding heat reduction.

The Results

In just two months, all the window surfaces were covered, and the owners realized immediate benefits and a positive return on investment. Currently, the sun control window film will save the building 1.3 million kWh per year and will pay for itself in less than four years.

Can Houston-Area Homeowners Achieve Similar Results?

These numbers are great for a Baltimore high rise, but what does it mean to a homeowner with window tinting in the Houston area?

Actually, pretty similar savings.

For a homeowner installing approximately 150 square feet of window film, that window film installation cost is roughly $1,425 through Fine Line Glass Tinting. And based on an average cost per kWh of 11.67 cents, homeowners can realize a potential $455 yearly savings after installing window film. That translates into recouping your investment in just over three years.

Of course, many factors contribute to these numbers, so they should be used as an estimate only. Individual results will vary.

Start Reducing Your Energy Costs Today

When you’re ready to reduce the effects of the Houston summer heat on your home and wallet, contact Fine Line Glass Tinting. As one of the top providers of residential and commercial window films in Houston, we offer only the industry’s best and most comprehensive product lines (including 3M) and can help you find the best energy-saving window film. And with our expert installers’ combined experience of more than 100 years, you’ll know your job is completed neatly, safely, skillfully, and professionally.