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Although Houston was lucky to get only a glancing blow from Hurricane Hanna in July 2020, the Gulf Coast’s hurricane season is just getting started. Are your home and business ready?

Windows are, by nature, one of the weakest parts of your home or business. And when you combine unprotected windows with tropical storms, hurricanes, or even just a Texas-sized thunderstorm, you run the risk of airborne objects striking your windows and doors.

In the best-case scenario, you end up with shattered glass that’s a mess to clean up. In the worst case, broken windows result in interior damage from heavy rains and winds and even injury from broken glass.

Planning ahead and protecting your windows with a quality safety and security film installed by Fine Line Glass Tinting can help keep your family and property safe.

How Window Safety Film Protects You During a Storm

Although safety and security film won’t prevent glass from breaking, it does make the glass shatter-resistant. This means if an object strikes and damages the window, the film can effectively hold the broken glass fragments within the frame and prevent the glass from collapsing. The film can also prevent glass shards, wind, and water from entering a building and damaging the contents and its occupants.

Even better, tinted window safety and security film can be a budget-friendly alternative to installing high-impact glass or shutters. But for safety and security window film to perform as you expect it to, it’s essential to install a quality window film — and it’s just as important to hire trained craftsmen with plenty of experience.

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By installing a high-quality window safety film, you can breathe easier knowing flying debris and the strong winds from hurricanes and tornadoes won’t breach your Houston-area windows. We install only the highest-quality safety and security window films that offer a lifetime warranty on residential and commercial applications — like 3M, Xpel, and Solyx.

Don’t wait until the next storm to protect your home or business from the damages that can come from broken windows. With more than 100 years’ combined experience, our Fine Line Glass Tinting staff will ensure you’ve got the right product for your needs and that your job is always done right!

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