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Now that you know why you want window tint, it’s important to know what kind of window tint you want. If you end up selecting the wrong type, you may not achieve the results you set out to get.
Let’s learn about the most common types of window film and what they do and don’t offer.

Dyed Film
Dyed window film is often the least expensive, and for good reason. It’s made simply by dyeing the layer of film that’s closest to the adhesive and is often selected for appearance over functionality. While this film will help absorb solar heat, darken your windows, and even block out some UV light (it’s often selected because it’s the darkest option), it’s not made to last. You’ll likely find this film fades over time from excessive UV exposure, can have a bubble appearance if it’s not installed correctly, and can delaminate (with the layers separating from each other) — which means you’ll need to replace the film sooner than you’d like.

Metalized Film
If you’re willing to spend a little more, a metalized film can help you increase your energy savings by reflecting away light and heat thanks to minuscule metal particles. It’s more robust than dyed film, making it less likely to scratch and fade. The plus sides? The film does block UV radiation, reflect heat and darken glass. But the metallic particles create a shiny appearance and may interfere with technology in your home or business.

Carbon Window Film
Moving up in our list, you’ll find carbon window tint. Unlike metalized films’ shiny finish, this film has a dark, matte finish that won’t fade and that blocks 40% of infrared rays. And that’s what will keep your heating and cooling bills lower. This film is made up of hundreds of microlayers of polymer and carbon, which also help prevent your furniture from fading.

Ceramic Film
Ceramic film is a more expensive option, but it’s also extremely effective and of a superior quality. This film is made with what are called Nano Ceramic particles — no dye, metal, or carbon — that enhance the natural light while keeping heat and UV rays out. And that can help protect your furniture and your skin from sun damage. And because they are shatter-resistant, these films offer an extra layer of security to your home or office.

At the top of our list are what we call Select Films. These films are of the highest quality and the most effective films offered. They’re made with precious metals and materials that maximize solar rejection and energy conservation, ensuring the energy is kept where it’s supposed to be. These films are known for performance, and they add extreme protection while maintaining a light and natural appearance. A side benefit to these high performers is that they provide a polarized look to your glass, strengthening the view, enhancing natural exterior colors, and beautifying what you see.

Choosing the Right Film for Your Home or Office
With so many window film options available on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the right investment for your home or business in Spring, Texas. As one of the top providers of residential and commercial window films in the area, we offer only the industry’s best and most comprehensive product lines — like 3M, Huper Optik, Xpel, and Solyx — and can help you find the best window film for your needs and budget. And with our expert installers’ combined experience of more than 100 years, you’ll know your job is completed neatly, safely, skillfully, and professionally.

To learn more about how family-owned and operated Fine Line Glass Tinting can add value to your space, contact us today. One of our experienced staff members will be happy to schedule a complimentary in-person evaluation and discuss which of our high-quality products is right for your home or business.