Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Are you looking for a reason for window film?  Here are a few simple reasons why you should have film installed:

Windows are an essential part of every home, so have them work to save you money not just cost you money.  Residential window film can assist in the reduction of cooling costs.  As well as  protect different investments within your home.  Curtains, floors, furnishings, etc can simply fall victim to heat & unfiltered light coming from the sun.  This is the reason why items tend to fade in color as time goes by, but with residential window film this problem is greatly reduced.


Here is another great reason for window film! It can also provide some daytime privacy within your home or business.  The tint allows the natural light to come in, but reduces the heat and glare. This effect is similar to wearing a nice polarized pair of sunglasses but for your home/business.  Now you can enjoy the view from your home or office, and gain some daytime privacy. Since there’s limited entry of light inside the house, there is no need in running the AC as often, thus saving electricity and reducing your bill.

film/no film

In addition to residential window tinting, Fine Line Window Tinting also offers Commercial Window Tint. For these customers, tinted windows save the owner money and can eliminate the necessity of blinds or other window coverings.  The advantages of window films consist of reduced interior fading, improved privacy, and low glare.  Also with the correct application of window films, considerably enhanced building security.

Completed Founders Tower

If you would like to protect your home or office with the help of window tinting, call Fine Line Glass Tinting at 281-364-7007.  You can also send an email to for more information or to schedule an estimate.