Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Choosing the right window film and company to install it is like choosing a great steak restaurant! We recently completed the window film installation at Robard’s Steakhouse at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center.

Using the Huper Optik SECH film the steakhouse will be able to allow patrons to look out at the beautiful views of the grouns without having to squint because of the bright sunlight. It will also allow the lovely natural sunlight to shine into the restaurant but patrons and employees alike will not have to worry about the harmful UV rays coming in too because 99% of them will be rejected and blocked by the SECH Film.

Now you might be asking yourself why should I install this film on my home or business, the simple answer is this, not only the above mentioned benefits but due to the amount of heat that will be blocked by the film you will see a reduction in your energy bills by up to 30% and with the savings the film will pay for itself very quickly, typically within one year or less.
Take a look at the photos from this project and notice the daytime privacy. Give Fine Line Glass a call at 281-364-7007 to schedule your appointment and started enjoying these and many more benefits in your own home or business!!

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