Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

We all know the importance of security in our homes not only to protect our belongings, but our loved ones as well. This topic is on many minds between the media coverage of recent break ins and national night out this week, there is an additional measure you can take, you can have safety & security window film installed on the windows and glass doors within your home. Not only will this film deter intruders by making it much more difficult and time consuming to break your glass, but if broken then the film will hold the glass in place keeping it from shattering into pieces and those pieces ending up all over your floor for yourself or little ones to step on(2 or 4 legged). Safety & Security Film will also help protect you during flying debris during storms or high winds and if there is an accidental window break – for example a rock getting thrown during lawn maintenance.

Of course with the Houston heat you want both sun control and safety film right? Well we do have a few tinted options in the safety & security window films for you to choose from!! This will give you the best of both worlds – being able to fight the heat, glare, save your furnishings from fading and protect your home, loved ones by making it more difficult for intruders to break in and keeping broken glass off the floors!

Take a look at this short video showing the benefit of having this film on your windows!! After you have finished viewing, give a us a call or send an email and let us get your windows protected!