Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

It seems that every time you watch the news or read a newspaper there are more and more stories about break ins and/or smash and grab robberies. Making not only many more homeowners but business owners alike decide to have their windows tinted to prevent different types of vandalism not to mention preventing damages due to many different types of tropical systems that come through and the aftermath that we have here in our beloved Houston area! These kinds of films are used all over the world to protect people’s valuables and property, and to add a measure of safety to their home or office.
Safety and Security window films are made of various materials and are designed, when applied to the glass, to hold it together in case it gets shattered. The films have been tested numerous times to ensure they can endure various adverse conditions. For anybody who is interested in using these films for the first time, it is advised you use a professional installer so that the window films can be installed and sealed correctly.
Window tinting can be applied to all kinds of glass. The greatest usage for these types of window films are at a commercial or building locations, which have the potential for injuries from broken glass. When choosing the film, we can educate you on the best window film for your purposes during your personal estimate. Even if the window films are primarily installed for protection of shattered glass, they can additionally protect your carpet, floors and furniture from fading and damage since there is an Ultra Violet or UV protection agent that is in the adhesive used to attach the film to the window. There are a variety of safety and security films that range from clear to various levels of tinting, and all of them offer at least 99% UV reduction.
In the case of vandalism, window film will prevent someone from entering a building as easily or quickly to the point that they will most likely move on to an easier target, therefore protection is higher than with non-tinted windows. In a case of breaking and entering, a normal window glass breaks quickly and easily, with sharp shards that are dangerous even after the incident. In a situation where the glass can actually become broken by human impact, the normal glass is extremely hazardous and quick to break, while the tinted windows can help to prevent greater injuries and deter criminals. Because of this added level of protection, your weakest points of your home or business now become a source of strength. Unlike security bars or screens, safety & security film does not give the impression of an un-safe neighborhood or present an eyesore for neighbors. Furthermore, window tinting is a great solution for blasts or hurricane force winds, which can not only shatter glass, but also blow debris and rain inside.
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