Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

I wanted to share the completed project that we did a few months ago for an apartment complex’s on site gym. Since it sits just behind the pool the residents were on display while they were working out for whom ever was enjoying the pool, not the mention having to battle the blinding glare and unbearable heat of the sun as well. Let’s be honest nobody really wants to be watched from people poolside while they are exercising.

Since we finished the project these are no longer issues, the 3M Night Vision Window Film that we installed will not only keep the exercise room cooler while blocking the harmful UV rays and dramatically decreasing the glare from the sun but it will also provide daytime privacy for the residents using the on-site gym. Having the window film installed is also a benefit for the property management as well, not only did we complete an install on their exercise room but we also installed film within the leasing office also.

Both of these installations will pay for themselves in a very short time with the savings that will be seen each month in energy cost savings! The complex will also enjoy a sleeker and more elegant exterior appearance not only for current residents but for prospective and future residents as well.