Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

It is that time of year when the mother nature gives the Houston area a break from the heat and humidity that plagues us during the summer months.  The cooler temps and lower humidity allows us the opportunity to open our curtains, shades, blinds and/or windows to enjoy the weather.  With these benefits also come  added dangers from the sun’s unfiltered light.  Sun Control Window Film is the perfect way to combat the different negative effects of the sun’s unfiltered light shining in our homes.

Unfiltered Sun Light can cause different types of damage in your home.

For instance, it can cause fading of your flooring, furnishings, and artwork.  While no window film can completely stop fading.  It can however drastically reduce new fading and/or dramatically slow down current fading.


This chair was green until the sun faded it to white

This chair was green until the sun faded it to white


This unfiltered sun light can also cause skin cancer, yes you have to worry about this danger indoors as well as outside.  Window Film is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation since it rejects up 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  The film acts similarly to sunscreen applied for protection for outdoors.  It is like sunscreen for you and your home’s interior!



Another problem with unfiltered sunlight, is the unwanted glare or squint factor.  Window film is a fantastic way to knock out this problem without losing your view of outside.  This effect is similar to wearing sunglasses while outside, but for your home instead.



We have many different film darkness choices.  Options from very dark to not even noticeable, and every level in between.  With so many different options, we are sure to have the perfect film to suit your needs.  Contact us to schedule an estimate today.  Let us help you to protect the interior of your home as you do yourself while outdoors!