Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

With fall & winter on their way in Houston, many think there’s less of a need now for home or business window tinting to reduce heat, UV rays & interior glare from the sun.  We are sorry to say – this isn’t true!   Fall is actually the perfect time to install window tinting for a number of reasons:

While the summertime is obviously the time of year when the sunlight & heat are the most intense.  The change during the fall & winter to the sun’s angle can cause the same problems if you’re not proactive. Durig the fall & winter, the sun comes from a southern direction.  This angle can provide at least some of your rooms with a much larger than usual amount of daily sun exposure.  Although this increased sunlight can be a positive thing by brightening & even warming some rooms.  However too much sunlight will present the same issues that intense summer sunlight can cause – including fading of interior furnishings, plus an increased danger of skin cancer due to harmful UV rays.

·    The southern sun creates more interior glare, in addition to temperature imbalance due to the southern exposure.  Home window tinting eliminates glare. Helps to provide balanced temperatures throughout your home.

·    Simply keeping your blinds closed during periods of direct southern sunlight may eliminate some issues, but it will also cause more dependency on indoor lighting.  Increasing your energy bills.  Blinds will also obstruct your view outside.  The cold and dreary winter days can be hard enough for those with cabin fever.  Home window tinting that allows sunlight in will brighten your home.  Plus your overall mood & the ligh will help regulate your body chemistry during those cooler months.

Before the cool weather & harsh southern sun hit this year, call Fine Line Glass Tinting at 281-364-7007.  Let’s see how we can help you prepare your home and take advantage of all the benefits of home window tinting.   Serving the Spring/Woodlands & North Houston since 1987, the quality is ours – the choice is yours.