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Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to play Hide & Seek?  ” 7… 8 … 9 … 10 … Ready or not, here I come!”  Well ready or not, SUMMER is coming – and there’s no hiding from the unbearable Houston HEAT.

1st day of summer

Sun Control window films can reduce cooling costs by up to 30%.  They block up to 99% of harmful UV rays to reduce fading of furnishings, flooring, and interior decor.  Window Film will also improve comfort while maintaining temperature consistency from one room to another.   These films also reduce glare to improve television and computer screen viewing, reducing the “squint” factor.  Just take a look at the below window, which version would you rather in your home?

Before Film              3M Night Vision 15

You can enjoy daytime privacy without loosing your natural light or views!

3M Night Vision 25      3M Night Vision 25      Zoomed In Hallbrook Exterior

So whether you’re looking to reduce your energy usage, protect your furnishings and flooring, or reduce glare Sun Control Window Film should be your choice! Just think how nice it would be if your windows could work for you instead of costing you this year.   Take care of this now so you have time for summer fun with your family this year! Contact us today to schedule your estimate, call 281-364-7007 or email us at