Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Whether you’re trying to block out the glare, create a cooler environment, or reduce energy costs, tinting the windows on your home or business can have a significant impact. However, the aesthetics can also play a key role in making a decision. Some commercial land lords and Home Owners’ Associations have restrictions on what types of film are acceptable and which ones are not. Other times, the decision is left to the homeowner or tenant to make a decision based on their own experiences and personal preference.

Below are links that provide simulators for each brand and the variety of tinting options they each offer. Also included for each category are a few suggestions of what is most popular.

3M Commercial

Most Popular: Affinity 15, Affinity 30, Neutral 35 & Neutral 20

3M Residential

Most Popular: Night Vision 15, 25 & 35, Ultra Night Vision S25, Ultra 400

Hüper Optik Commercial & Residential

Most Popular: Ceramic 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, Select Sech, Select Drei