Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

It is that time of year when the talk turns to safety and security.  No matter the reason for added protection, 3M Safety & Security Film will get the job done.  Whether you are you looking to simply protect yourself & your family from intruders, or looking to have protection from broken glass due to an accidental break or storm.

When an untreated piece of glass is broken it sends large & small pieces of glass onto the floor.  They lay there in wait for you or another family member(2 – legged or 4-legged) to find them.  This can cause extreme pain and injury.  Now with piece of glass that has this window film installed, it will shattered, but as you see below the pieces are held in place.

Film v No Film - security

The same can be said in the event of an intruder.  An untreated piece of glass will take very little effort for someone to shatter and gain entry to your home.  However, a piece of glass that has safety and security film installed will not only take longer to break, but more effort and cause more attention.  The majority of would be intruders will not want to take the risk and move on to the next target.  Take a look at this video below for a demonstration


We have several options when it comes to the safety & security film for you to choose from.  There are different thickness, you can also choose from clear or tinted – for the added sun control benefits.  Contact us to schedule an estimate and let us help you protect your home & family.


Turn your weak points into sources of strength by having 3M Safety & Security Window Film installed on your home.  Which would you rather your loved ones encounter?

Non-treated glass - Accidental Break

Non-treated glass – Accidental Break

A treated piece of glass

A treated piece of glass