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To furnish & decorate a home can be expensive, but rewarding.  With so much invested, it would make sense to take steps to protect that investment, don’t you agree?  While we love homes with lots of windows, the biggest threat to your  interior investment  is just on the other side of them, the Sun.  It is the primary causes of fading to floors, furnishings & artwork.  Since many people do not want to let go of their views & the open feeling of their home by adding curtains or drapes to protect their interior from the sun, so what can you do? The simplest way to enjoy the best both worlds is to have window film installed.  This allows you to keep your views & enjoy the positive aspects of natural light, while blocking the negative & harmful effects.


A common misconception is that only  UV rays are what cause fading floors and sun damage to furnishings. While these rays are the largest component, there are additional pieces to the puzzle.  As the chart shows the breakdown of each component, the final factor is comprised of a variety of things, like interior lighting, humidity, etc.



Something we do want you to know is that you cannot “stop” fading completely, you can however dramatically slow it down & prolong the life of your home’s interior by blocking the major contributors of fading.

Why Is Window Film a Good Option?

As mentioned above, most people do not want to “close-up” their home in an effort to stop the damage from occurring.  Window film attacks the major contributors of fading. Most professionally installed window films will block up to 99% of the UV rays.  Thus protecting your floors & furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun as shown below.

This chair was green until the sun faded it to white

This chair was green until the sun faded it to white

In addition, many  films can significantly reduce the heat & sun glare coming through the window. Finally, it is possible to block a percentage of the visible light coming through a window without noticeably darkening the window.

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