Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Although the Houston summer heat has left our area, the harmful effects from the sun have not.  Since the weather is turning cooler many of us will be opening our shades, blinds, and curtains to allow the fresh air and beautiful sunshine into our homes.

This is when your interior floors and furnishings will meet the harmful effects of the sun, whether it be summer or fall or spring season.  The sun will begin to fade your home’s interior from the floors to the curtains and everything in between.  By adding residential sun control window film to your home you can dramatically reduce and/or slow down this process of sun damage thus saving you money in the long run by prolonging the life of your property.  In addition you will be protecting your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays by blocking up to 99% from coming into your home.

Additionally, by adding residential window film you will also receive these and several other additional benefits – daytime privacy, reduction in your energy bills, curb appeal all of which could impact positively during a sale of your home.