Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Recently we have been made aware of many “new” window film products flooding the market at crazy low prices. I wanted to inform consumers and potential customers about some of the differences between the quality film we use vs this inexpensive overseas film.

We use two different products, 3M and Huper Optik Windows Films which are some of the best out on the market currently both of which come with lifetime warranties covering their products. The statement of you get what you pay for is very true, if you pay a cheap price for a product now and then you end up having to replace it within a couple of years most likely at a higher price do you save anything? Or does it make more sense to pay a little more now and have a product that will not only look better and do a better job but that will last for years to come. Here is a great example recently we completed a job where our crew went into a home and removed/replaced film on the back of the home that we installed back in 1996 for the same homeowner, this project was covered under her warranty from 3M thus not costing the customer a single penny.

Here at Fine Line not only do we as a company stand behind the products we install, but so do the companies that we deal with. Not to mention we care about the details and the quality of our work! Below are 3 photos, the first is a home with 3M Night Vision 15 installed, second is a home with Huper Optik Sech film installed and the final photo is what film can look like when installed incorrectly.

The choice is yours and the quality is ours!!!

Home with 3M NV15

Home with SECH

Window Film installed WRONG