Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Rude wait staff at restaurants, slick used car salesmen, jaded doctors, grumpy state employees… We’ve all been there. Everywhere we turn, there’s another disgruntled employee ready to take out their frustration on the next unsuspecting customer to walk through the door. Sadly, we’re so used to being treated so poorly on a regular basis, that we praise the slightest glimmer of a genuine smile or “Thank you.”

So where did all the good guys go? What happened to a time when a hand shake and a man’s word were all you needed to get the job done? Why doesn’t anyone go above and beyond anymore? There’s no one good reason for the fall of basic human decency, but luckily, there are still companies in this world who still cling to those last remaining shreds of humanity. The question is, where do we find them?

Whether it’s landscaping, remodeling, photography, auto repair, or whatever your needs may be, there are a few dead give-aways that will help be a guiding factor to choosing the best option. Take this into consideration when searching for a company to do business with:

  • When calling, how long does it take for a real human being to answer the phone?
  • Do they seem excited to have your business, or exasperated that they have to takeanother call?
  • How long does it take to get a quote? A few hours, days, weeks?
  • When scheduling appointments, do they cater to the clients’ needs or give options of dates and times that work best for them?
  • Testimonials! Testimonials! Testimonials! If a quick Google search reveals poor reviews, it’s pretty obvious who NOT to pick. But what about the rest? Do they simply state, “Company X did a good job,” or do they go into detail about how AWESOME that company did?

Ultimately, you want to enlist a company who doesn’t just have a clientele base, but has Raving Fans! After all, no one got to the top by someone saying, “They’re alright.”raving fans