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As we welcome Spring, we know that the Houston summer won’t be far behind!  With all the great things that warmer temperatures  brings, it unfortunately brings along some undesirable things as well. In your home, you may suffer from excessive heat gain or glare coming through certain windows. Through the use of  innovative window films, we can combat the heat and glare while maintaining your view. See the information below to see how we can have you welcoming this time of the year with increased home comfort.


If you’re avoiding certain rooms in your home because they’re uncomfortably warm in the light of the sun, it’s time to make your rooms livable again. While curtains and blinds are great for privacy and help to block some heat, they do so at the cost of natural light. Window Film can help eliminate hot spots while preserving the view, making every seat in the house guest-worthy.

  • Reject the sun’s heat while preserving your view
  • Complement and protect your decorative curtains and blinds
  • Increase the comfort of your home

Before NV 15



Cut down on eyestrain and discomfort from excessive light. Enjoy natural light while reading or watching TV — without suffering from eyestrain caused by glare. Seeing clearly will improve your efficiency when working (or playing) on a laptop, computer or other mobile devices.

  • Enjoy every room in your home from sunrise to sunset
  • Reclaim sunny rooms for work or relaxation


no-glare-vs-glare   3M Night Vision 15   Before Film

If you are interested in how you can use Window Film to reduce excessive heat and cut irritating glare in your home, please contact us to discuss your options. You can reach us by calling 281-364-7007 or emailing us at We would be happy to assist you and provide you with a free, no obligation consultation on window film becoming a part of your next home improvement project.