Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

According to the weather reports this weekend is suppose to have some rough weather with strong storms moving through the Houston area.  Are your windows protected with safety & security window film?

This film is designed prevent glass shattering into lots of pieces from storm debris, during a storm the winds can cause loose branches among other things to fly through the air and become weapons attacking your home.  Not to mention accidental breaks and are a great deterrent from intruders.   An accidental break can occur from kids being kids or while doing lawn care.   This film turns your weak points of glass into a source of strength .  Not only will the film make the glass stronger by acting as a protector but should the glass become broken it will hold the pieces in place instead of sending large and small sharp pieces of glass into your home for you or a loved one to step on and become injured.

The same thought and principal can be applied when it comes to intruders as well, the film will make it much more difficult to break thus causing most criminals to move on to an easier target since they will not want to risk getting caught taking additional time and making additional noise to break into your home.

We do have both clear security film as well as tinted security film if you are wishing to block the sun and receive similar benefits as you would if had just sun control window film installed.  So give us a call or send an email so that we can get your estimate scheduled!!