Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Preparing for summer? Window film should be an important part of your routine. Look outside.   After the last few rainy, cold and dreary weeks it’s nice to see the sun. The temperature is rising, the clouds are gone and the sun is out. Spring is here, but Summer is coming……

Summer means lots of sun and heat will pour through your windows and glass doors.

Too much sun means higher cooling bills, sun damage to your furniture, floors, and artwork and, if you run a business, uncomfortable customers in parts of your establishment.

Window film gives you the power to engineer the sun coming into your building. Whether it’s privacy, energy savings or you just want to be more comfortable, there is a window film solution for you.

3M/Huper Optik Window Film Prepares your Home for Summer.

Homeowners throughout the Houston metroplex understand window film solutions can reduce the heat and protect them from the sun’s damaging rays.  The Solar control window films deliver the following benefits to you:

  • Lower monthly electric bills
  • Reduced glare and eye strain
  • Protection from fading and sun damage
  • Privacy
  • Better security against break-in’s and intruders
  • The elimination of “hot spots” in your home.
  • Lower temperatures inside your home

Make Window Film a part of your Spring Cleaning investment. You’ll be glad you did and…you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  Give yourself and your home the gift of comfort this season.

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