Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Did you know……  just because you’re inside, doesn’t mean your eyes and your skin are protected from the sun’s UV rays!  Believe it or not, you can still experience sunburn and skin damage while indoors.  This information is especially important since we live in a sunbelt  state.

Most untreated windows only block about 25% of UV rays from entering your home.   For those of us who enjoy sitting by sunny windows, that could mean real damage.   Not to mention, how quickly it can boost your body temperature.   Adding Sun Control Window Film to your windows is similar to applying sunscreen to skin when you are enjoying the outdoors but for your windows.

While still allowing natural light to enter your home, a professional installation of window film can block up to 99% of dangerous, skin damaging UV rays – keeping you cool and protected!  You will also be able to knock out the glare coming in your windows and enjoy looking out.

Window film helps you pull back those shades, and let the natural light in – all the while protecting your skin!  Let us help protect you from the sun’s harmful effects today!