Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

It’s not uncommon to find a contractor that works (or at least takes calls) after normal 9-5 hours, and we are one of them. Contractors have enough common sense to understand that 99% of the people who want their services are those who work in a field not related to the one they are seeking help in. That is why so many of them don’t mind taking calls during their lunch hour or after 5 o’clock because they know this probably one of the few times you get enough of a break to call. So contractors are available almost all the time… so what? What makes us so special?

Well, for one, we are not going to ignore your phone call, send you to an answering service, or let you leave a message until we feel like getting to you. When you call, you are either immediately answered or called back within a short time frame. There are no automated services; we are living, breathing, human beings, and that is what you’ll get EVERY time you call.

Secondly, we have been a local company for The Woodlands/Spring area for 27 years (and counting). That means we know our home town pretty darn well. If you call us, and we schedule an appointment to meet you, it is rare that we are going to call you an hour later saying we are lost and need directions. We also understand the traffic- and trust us, that means a lot around here!

Lastly, regardless of what time you call us, you will always receive the same level of customer service. You can expect to talk to a honest, hard-working, family man that is simply nice. We are a family owned and operated business; that means our customers are family, too.

So what makes us so special? Give us a call, and let us give you a free, no obligation quote, and see for yourself what the home-town folks of Fine Line can do for you and your home!