Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

The Christmas holidays are upon us, hard to believe especially with the warm weather we are having right now!  As Christmas passes and the New Year begins we all start to think about what we want to accomplish during this time, self improvements and home improvements as well.

With that in mind, may I make a suggestion?  Put window film at the top of that list.  By adding Sun Control Window Film you will not only be able to prevent additional damage from the sun to both your floors and furnishings but be protecting your family from 99% of the harmful UV rays that the sun sends into your home each day.  As well as reduce your energy costs by up to 30% and reduce the heat coming into your home.  As mild as this winter has been thus far, I can only imagine how hot the upcoming summer will  be!  Another benefit to the Sun Control Film is daytime privacy and you will be able to choose how dark you would like the film to be, we have options from film that you do not even notice to very dark films for maximum effect.

Now what if I do not need sun control but would like something decorative and pretty look at.  Well we have many Decorative Window Films for you to choose from!  These are great for wine room doors, pool house doors, pantry doors, windows/doors in your bathrooms, glass front doors and even the sidelites by your doors!  With so many options to choose from we have the perfect film to not only fit your project, but your vision as well!

Another option we have is Security Window Film, whether it be clear or tinted.  This film will take a weak point in your home and turn it into a source of strength.  Protect your family from intruders, accidental breaks, and storm debris by installing this film on your home.  Safety & Security Film is designed to stay in place even if the glass itself is broken, protecting your family from the tiny and large shattered pieces of glass, not to mention making it much more difficult and time consuming for criminals to get into your home.

So give Marty a call at 281-364-7007 to schedule your in-home estimate and let us work with you on your home improvements projects for the New Year!

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