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As the summer sun comes through your Houston, Texas, windows, you might be wondering if installing window film to your home or business is a smart investment.

While many are attracted to window film because of its potential energy savings, the right film has the potential to do so much more. Here are the three biggest benefits of adding film to the windows of your home or business.

1. Safety and Security

Glass doors and windows can be one of the most vulnerable points of entry in your home or business. A single errant golf ball can do serious damage to windows and result in glass shards that can cause injury and property damage. But impact-resistant security film installed on your windows helps hold glass together if it’s shattered. And because the glass stays in place, it provides added protection against smash-and-grab burglaries and improves the security of your home by serving as a deterrent.

Depending on the type of window film you choose, you may also benefit from an increase in privacy. Darker or reflective films can prevent someone on the outside looking into your home or business, but it still preserves your ability to see clearly outside.

2. Energy Savings and Conservation

While many people install window film to prevent their home from getting too warm in the summertime, you might not realize that the extra layer can also help your home retain more heat in the winter. In both cases, that translates into energy savings for you and energy conservation for the environment.

If you’ve got older windows in your home, the energy savings can be even more significant. Approximately 75% of existing windows aren’t energy-efficient, and windows account for 25% of a home’s heating bill. But if you install energy-efficient (sometimes called “heat blocking” or “heat reducing”) window tint, your windows will reject up to 98% of infrared light rays — the biggest cause of heat. And that means you’ll reduce your home’s cooling load and lower your energy consumption.

3. Sun Control and Investment Protection

Continued exposure to sunlight can fade the colors on carpet and furniture and damage wood finishes — and even damage your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. So if you’re looking to let natural light in but block harmful UV rays that can damage both you and your furniture, consider installing anti-glare window film.

Fading is the result of several factors, like UV rays, visible light and heat. But by blocking many of these factors, fading can be dramatically reduced. In fact, some anti-glare films can reduce glare by up to 95% and block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Not only is that good news for investment protection, but it’s also good news for your skin. Most UV window film has an SPF of more than 285, which makes window film a valuable tool in the defense against premature aging, cell damage, and skin cancer.
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Adding window film is a smart way to improve the safety and security of your Houston, Texas, home or business while also improving energy savings and sun control and protecting your investments. But it’s important to partner with a trusted company with the experience to do the job right. With 30-plus years of industry experience and countless repeat clients, Fine Line Glass Tinting has the experience you can count on and the reputation you can trust.

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