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You love your Houston-area home, but you don’t love the Houston heat that pours in your windows. You’re ready to invest in window film, but you want to make sure it’s an investment that lasts.  Several factors go into extending the life of your home’s window tint. Here’s what to consider.

Window Film Quality
The right film can last a lifetime, but many homeowners may not know the difference between high- and low-quality film. Here are five different tint options you might consider installing, from the lowest quality to the highest.

Dyed Film
Dyed window film is often the lowest quality — and the least expensive. It’s made simply by dyeing the layer of film that’s closest to the adhesive. And it’s not made to last. This film fades over time from excessive UV exposure, can have a bubble appearance if it’s not installed correctly, and can delaminate (with the layers separating from each other) — which means you’ll need to replace the film sooner than you’d like.

Metalized Film
This film is more robust than dyed film, making it less likely to scratch and fade. The film blocks UV radiation, reflects heat, and darkens glass. But the metallic particles create a shiny appearance and may interfere with technology in your home or business.

Carbon Window Film
This film has a dark, matte finish that won’t fade and that blocks 40% of infrared rays. This film is made up of hundreds of microlayers of polymer and carbon, which also help prevent your furniture from fading.

Ceramic Film
This film is made with Nano Ceramic particles that enhance natural light while keeping heat and UV rays out. And that can help protect your furniture and your skin from sun damage. They’re also shatter-resistant, offering an extra layer of security to your home or office.

When you’re looking to have window film installed in your home or office, you might think all installation companies are the same — that it’s the film that’s important, not the way it’s installed.

It’s not that simple. Even if installers select the right film for your needs, there’s no guarantee they’ll install it properly. And if the cut and installation aren’t right, the film won’t last (and the manufacturer won’t honor the warranty). But at Fine Line Glass Tinting, we don’t hire installers. Instead, we hire good-quality people and train them to be the quality craftsmen we require for all our installations. Our team considers every aspect of the installation — the film, your windows, the weather conditions, and the positioning of your home — to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Your window film doesn’t require a lot of maintenance — but it does require the right maintenance. That means avoiding the use of ammonia-based products or those that are high in acid for cleaning the windows. It could result in your film cracking, lifting, and peeling.
You’ll also want to avoid anything that will scratch the window — like young children or pets — to minimize the risk of tearing.

At Fine Line Glass Tinting, we want you to be more than satisfied with your window film installation. That’s why we back each manufacturer’s warranty with a one-year craftsmanship warranty. If any installed film doesn’t meet our exacting cleanliness and cut standards, we’ll replace it. 
So when you’re ready to select a film and an installation that will last a lifetime, contact Fine Line Glass Tinting for a free consultation. With decades of experience in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, we’ve got the experience you can count on.