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With buildings accounting for up to 40% of the total energy consumption in developed countries, it’s no surprise that owners and developers are always looking for ways to improve energy performance and minimize energy loss. 

Installing window films is one easy way to reduce that energy consumption.
Here, we’ll review a 2017 study that looks at a model of a U.K. hotel using window films and uses TAS dynamic simulation software to evaluate how different window tints could result in energy and cost savings.

Establishing the Baseline

According to the Glass and Glazing Federation, up to 40% of a building’s load on the cooling system or air conditioners can be traced back to solar gains through the windows. So it makes sense that adding window film is an effective way to potentially mitigate the effects of the sun on both the comfort level and the energy efficiency of a building.

To test this theory, researchers began by using software to simulate the thermal performance of buildings and their systems, to predict energy usage, and then to validate those results with the help of actual consumption data. Once the baseline was established, researchers simulated the effect of a variety of window films (including 3M Sun Control Film Prestige 70 Exterior and Prestige 40 Exterior) on both the energy consumption and performance of the building.

Generating the Energy-Saving Results

While the specific window film chosen didn’t have a substantial impact on energy consumption, simply installing a window film did, on its own, have a benefit. 

On first glance, the overall impact of window films on the hotel seems to be a negligible 2%, but a deeper dive shows the savings were actually much more impressive. In fact, the study shows window films reduced cooling energy consumption of up to 35% during the peak of the cooling season. Even better, it reduced the annual total cooling energy consumption by up to 35% by reducing solar heat gain. Finally, researchers found installing film can even deliver overall cost and CO2 emissions savings of up to 3%. 

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Reducing energy consumption is an important consideration for many Spring, Texas, homeowners and businesses. So it makes sense to consider installing heat-reducing window film as a part of a comprehensive plan that also includes energy-efficient hot water usage and lighting.

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