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Graffiti: art or vandalism?
That debate has raged for years, but as many Houston business owners know, when taggers hit, graffiti is nothing but a headache.

Fortunately, the city of Houston and the state of Texas take graffiti quite seriously, and severe legal consequences face taggers and their accomplices. Despite law enforcement’s best efforts, though, property vandalism continues to be a major revenue drain for businesses in the Houston area.

To counteract the damaging effects, business owners and building managers in high-target urban areas are increasingly turning to installing anti-graffiti window film as an easy and cost-effective way to protect property and avoid replacing large, expensive glass windows. After all, why replace an entire window when you can simply replace window film?

What Is Anti-Graffiti Window Film?
Anti-graffiti window film is a multilayer film applied to the surface of windows or mirrors that protects them from graffiti. Optically clear and virtually invisible, anti-graffiti window film makes it easy to remove paint and markings with household cleaning products and is especially effective in resisting acidic glass-etching solutions used by vandals. In these cases, the glass will remain protected and can be returned to its former state simply by removing the top layer of film.

Multilayered anti-graffiti window film offers a range of benefits, which include:

Deterring Future Graffiti Attacks
Anti-graffiti window film creates a barrier of film that can be easily removed and replaced. This easy versatility will not only save money on replacing glass windows, but it can also help deter future graffiti attacks. In fact, Bureau of Justice statistics report that removing graffiti within 24 hours significantly reduces the likelihood of a building being targeted again.

Improving Privacy, Security, and Safety
Tinted anti-graffiti window films will allow you and your employees to see outside while keeping the inside shielded from prying eyes. Some of those curious eyes may be casing your business for a nighttime break-in, so don’t even give them a target by letting them see what you have inside. But should an attempted break-in occur, window film will make the window harder to break and keep glass shards in place if the window does break.

Adding Value to Your Business
An exterior that’s heavily tagged or vandalized is not a good look for a business and could keep customers away. Because it’s easily removed and replaced, anti-graffiti window film will keep your commercial glass always graffiti-free and ensure your business maintains a welcome and inviting look. Plus, having the best-looking business on the block will boost your business’s appeal and value.

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