Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

When you were looking for your current Houston-area home, one of the first things that attracted you to it was its curb appeal. Then once inside, you were likely drawn in by its expansive windows. But did you know that window film is an easy way to add value to your home?

Window tinting the glass in your home is actually one of the fastest and most affordable ways to increase the aesthetics and value of your home. As well as significantly enhancing curb appeal, the best window films offer privacy, safety and security, energy efficiency, and protection from harmful UV rays — contributing to an increased property value.

The best window film can really make a home stand out visually. This is good news for homeowners who want to put their homes on the market, improve their investment, or just to give it a little creative flair. Today we’ll look at some of the other ways window film can improve your home’s value.

Improves Your Outdoor View
Nothing says “uninviting” like thick, heavy curtains that hide your home’s identity and lessen curb appeal. Rather than covering windows with curtains or blinds to reduce direct sunlight, window films allow you to take in the great outdoors. As a bonus, tinted or decorative films will let you see out while keeping people from seeing in, improving privacy and security.

Heightens Security
Anything that adds to the security of a property also enhances its value. The majority of home break-ins are “smash and grabs,” where someone smashes a window and quickly takes what they can. Because would-be home invaders would rather have an idea of what they’re getting into, window film makes it difficult for them to see into your house — and it could have them think twice about targeting your home.

Improves Safety
Customized residential window tinting also increases glass’s structural integrity, preventing it from shattering from a blunt-force impact from intruders or a storm. Window film holds glass shards in place and keeps them from exploding into your home’s interior. This added layer of protection will not only raise the value of your home, but it could potentially also save on homeowner’s insurance.

Protects Furniture
Sunlight can really wreak havoc on your furniture, causing surfaces to fade and crack. By reducing the intensity of light that comes through windows, residential window films can extend the value and longevity of your furniture and will save money on repairs, maintenance, and replacing damaged furniture.

How We Can Help
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