Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Houston residents are rightfully proud of their homes and the big windows that allow their home’s interior to bask in all that wonderful Texas sunlight. Yet that same Texas sun presents big challenges for the architects who designed those homes, including where to place the windows so they’ll allow maximum natural light without baking the house in intense sunlight. Increasingly, architects are embracing tinted windows as the solution to that problem.

Tinted Window Film: An Architect’s New BFF
The rise in popularity of commercial and residential tinted window film has been a game-changer for architects who no longer have to compromise on a building’s design. In the past, architects had to carefully balance design with practicality. Window overhangs and double-paned windows would often be worked into designs to help reduce heat and shield intense sunlight.

Now, rather than worrying about placing windows in relation to the sun’s location, architects can focus on aesthetically pleasing placements of windows, ensuring they’ll let in ample natural light. This allows architects to get more creative and thoughtful about building design, which can now focus more on aesthetics and not be handcuffed by awkward window placement.

Energy Considerations for Architects
An architect never wants to design a home that’s uncomfortable, unsafe, or expensive to heat or cool. By incorporating tinted window film in their window designs, architects are making sure that never happens. Because tinted window film can reduce energy costs between 35% and 50% a year and block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, it helps boost important architectural considerations like a home’s comfort, livability, and (ultimately) its value.

Office and Commercial Considerations
When designing commercial or office buildings, architects can take advantage of the benefits tinted window film can have with regard to glare, temperature control, privacy, and safety and security — all of which factor into employee happiness. And because happy employees are productive employees, companies of all sizes are asking architects to incorporate tinted window film into office window designs.

Window Film for All Interests
Whether you’re an architect wanting to learn more about window film or a homeowner looking to invest in home window film, you can trust Fine Line Glass Tinting to help.

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