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When exploring the world of window tinting, you’ll often see a simple, two-letter term: 3M, as in “3M Authorized Window Film Dealer,” “3M Warranty,” and “3M Certified.” All this may have you wondering about the significance of 3M and why these two letters are so important when it comes to choosing a reliable, high-quality window film dealer. Let’s find out.

What (and Who) Is 3M?
In 1966, the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (or 3M) received the very first patent for a dye-based residential window film, and they’ve been the acknowledged leader in window film technologies ever since. 3M is also one of the few companies that manufacture the raw materials that go into their films, which goes a long way into guaranteeing the quality.

What Does Being a 3M Authorized Dealer Mean?
3M Authorized Dealers adhere to a strict set of 3M standards, so the 3M Certification virtually guarantees the highest-quality customer service. When a window film business advertises they’re a 3M Authorized Dealer, you know their staff has undergone specific training programs — including intensive hands-on technical instruction and classroom training — on how to install 3M window film products.

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Dealers and installers are also required to participate in continuing education to ensure they stay current with the latest info on 3M window tinting technology, techniques, and available products. 3M also provides many regional and national training sessions for members of their authorized dealer network.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a 3M Authorized Dealer?
In a city like Houston that’s saturated with window film providers, the 3M Certification can help potential buyers separate the good installers from the not-so-good ones. Being an Authorized Dealer can also offer installers access to 3M products not found anywhere else. Only authorized 3M dealers can purchase and install high-end 3M specialty films, like the top-tiered Prestige Series, which offers exceptionally high light transmission, UV protection, temperature control, and glare reduction.

3M Authorized Warranty Protection
Those who work with 3M Authorized Dealers are also eligible for 3M’s comprehensive commercial or lifetime warranties, which protect consumers from losses due to blistering, glass breaking or cracking, peeling, and seal failure.
Warranties can vary based on the product and whether the installation is internal or external, commercial or residential. Ask your dealer about specific warranty information on products you might be considering.

Houston’s Certified 3M Dealer Since 1989
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