Commercial and Residential Buildings Only

Did you know that 30% of all energy that’s used in the United States to heat and cool homes quite literally goes out the window?

Here in the Houston area, we all know how hot our summers can be. So it makes sense to get professional window film installed to help with the high AC bills that are caused by solar heat gain entering your windows. But did you know that window tint can help cut back on your heating bills in the winter, too? And that’s not all high-quality window film can do for you.

The Physical Risks of Too Much Sun

Harmful UV rays exist whether it’s June or January, and too much can cause damage to you, your pets and your property. No one likes to watch new carpet or nice furniture fade because of the direct sunlight. Also, if UV rays can affect a piece of furniture so drastically, imagine what they can do to our bodies? But by blocking up to 99% of UV rays, solar window tint can protect your skin (and your furnishings) from indoor damage 12 months a year. Even better, window tint can help minimize glare by up to 95% at any time of year, making it more comfortable to work from home or watch your favorite television show.

How Window Films Work All Year Long

While solar window film is designed to help block the sun no matter the season, thermal window film can also offer protection from the elements. Just like using insulation in the attic and walls of your home can defend against extreme temperatures, installing thermal window tint keeps your interior cooler in the heat of summer and toastier in the chill of winter. Not only does it reduce heat loss by up to 40%, but it can also reject more than 85% of solar heat — all while maintaining a crystal-clear view.

Why Choose the Experts at Fine Line Glass Tinting?

While window film can help you conserve energy and maintain the integrity of your furnishings, it won’t help if it’s not installed properly. But having the experts at Fine Line Glass Tinting professionally install your window film, you know the job will be done right and that your new film will help ensure your comfort year-round while also reducing your heating and cooling bills.

Houston weather is unpredictable at best, so don’t waste another minute (or dollar) on high energy costs. Contact Fine Line Glass Tinting for your free consultation today. They’re ready to help you choose the perfect product that will improve your comfort all year long.